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Filter Kits

Starter Filter Kit by Hoya - This starter kit contains one filter wallet, and one Ultra Violet UV(O) filter to minimize reflection, and for reducing flare and ghosting. It also contains the Circular Polarizer to remove reflections from surfaces enabling a clearer picture.

Filter Kit by Kenko - This kit contains one protector lens to be used at all times for protecting the video camera lens from dirt, dust, etc., and one ND 8 Filter for reducing brightness by 87%.

 Camera Filter Kit by Bower - This kit contains professional digital optics. It includes one ultraviolet (UV) filter, one Polarizer (PL) filter, and one Neutral Density 4 (ND4) filter. The UV is used for maximum clarity and vivid pictures. The PL eliminates reflection from non metallic surfaces and maximizes contrast for high definition video and pictures. The ND reduces light volume to improve digital pictures under super bright sunlight. It enables the subject to stand out from background and create slow motion effect. 


37mm Filter Kit 49mm Filter Kit 62mm Filter Kit

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